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*[http://fit-iot.com/files/fit-PC4/fit-PC4_RTC_Battery_replacement_guide.pdf fit-PC4 RTC Battery replacement guide]
*[http://fit-iot.com/files/fit-PC4/fit-PC4_RTC_Battery_replacement_guide.pdf fit-PC4 RTC Battery replacement guide]
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Date: 11/FEB/2018

fit-PC4 RTC Battery Erratum:

fit-PC4 circuit of RTC battery-on-a-wire of the affected serial numbers has reversed polarity. As a result fit-PC4 of the affected serial numbers that is disconnected from power will exhibit the following behavior:

  1. Time and date will be reset.
  2. Customized BIOS settings will be reset to default.

The problem can be addressed by replacing the RTC battery with a battery having compatible polarity to fit-PC4. Please contact Compulab fit-PC technical support (support@fit-pc.com +972-4-8290134) to address the issue.

Affected serial numbers: 1170622-21561 to 1180118-00301

To check if the problem applies to your fit-PC4 please do the following:

  1. Enter BIOS and set current date.
  2. Disconnect fit-PC4 from power and wait for 1 minute.
  3. Connect fit-PC4 to power and enter BIOS.

If date has changed to an earlier date then RTC circuit / battery malfunction and you are advised to contact Compulab at support@fit-pc.com +972-4-8290134.

RTC Battery replacement Guide