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fit-PC3 HW Revisions

Identify the HW revision of your product:

  1. Serial Number (SN) - Contact CompuLab
  2. Ethernet Controller - Latest Rev. 2.3 incorporates Realtek RTL8111F, that can be identified from system information.
  3. Silk Screen print - PCB bottom side with the silk screen is accessible in open chassis system only (SBC).

Power supply temperature ratings differs from system ratings, mainly due to material used, 
and limited to the following:
* Operating: 0°C – 40°C
* Storage: -10°C – 70°C 
Customers have the ability to power the computers from another source.

Rev 2.3 Changes

  • Third revision
    • Release date: 04/04/2012
    • First serial number (SN): 120404-0627
  • Ethernet controller changed from Realtek RTL8111D to RTL8111F
  • Cancellation of mSATA/mini PCIe auto-detect logic
  • IR functionality is no longer supported

Rev 2.2 Changes

  • Second revision
    • Release date: 17/01/2012
    • First serial number (SN): 120117-0001
  • DisplayPort bug fix
  • Improved DDR3 SDRAM performance
  • Power consumption decreased

Rev 2.1 Changes

  • First revision
    • Release date: 23/10/2011
    • First serial number (SN): 111023-0001