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(Does the miniSD port of fit-PC2 support SDHC?)   (change visibility)
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No. SDHC is not supported.
No. SDHC is not supported.
''(more to come...)''
''(more to come...)''
==== Is Wake-on-LAN supported? ====

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Why isn't there a proper website for fit-PC2?

The website is still being designed. We will air it in April.

Is boot from LAN supported?

Yes. BIOS can be configured for PXE boot.

Are there GMA500 optimized Linux display drivers?

Yes. The drivers are currently available in binary form only for Ubuntu 8.04

Can I use fit-PC2 with a large-screen TV?

Yes. fit-PC2 connects to a large-screen TV through the TV HDMI connector. Audio is not transfered over the HDMI cable and needs to be connected to the analog audio input.

I heard there is no Linux display driver

Display drivers in Ubuntu are closed source, but provide very decent 2D and excellent hardware accelerated video. Drivers currently support Ubuntu 8.04 so fit-PC2 Linux ships with that version. Newer Ubuntu currently work with VESA drivers only.

Does Youtube play fine on fit-PC2?

Youtube plays smoothly on fit-PC2 in both Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows XP.

Can I connect fit-PC2 to a VGA display?

No. There are DVI to VGA adapters, but they tend to be expensive. It would be more cost effective to purchase a display with DVI-D support.

Are you planning fit-PC2 with 2nd LAN / HDMI / 5.1 Audio / other feature?

CompuLab discusses only announced products, but you are welcome to post your wishlist on the forum. We do read it.

Does the miniSD port of fit-PC2 support SDHC?

No. SDHC is not supported. (more to come...)

Is Wake-on-LAN supported?