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Can memory be upgraded to 2GB?

No, but fit-PC2 can be ordered with 2GB. RAM in fit-PC2 is soldered on-board and cannot be upgraded. This is a significant element in allowing miniature size and reduction in power.

Does fit-PC2 boot automatically when power is resumed?

Starting from May-2010 fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i support 'auto-on'. Older fit-PC2 (rev 1.21) does not boot automatically when power is resumed.

Can I use fit-PC2 with a large-screen TV?

Yes. fit-PC2 connects to a large-screen TV through the TV HDMI connector. Audio is not transfered over the HDMI cable and needs to be connected to the analog audio input.

Why doesn't the front left USB port work?

In fit-PC2 the front left USB port is USB2 only. Mice and keyboards will usually not work with it. Thumb drives, cameras and MP3 players will work.

Does the miniSD port of fit-PC2 support SDHC?

Yes. Starting from May 2010 SDHC is supported.

What are the dimensions of the power supply?

80 x 50 x 31 mm


Is boot from LAN supported?

Yes. BIOS can be configured for PXE boot.

Are there GMA500 optimized Linux display drivers?

Yes. The drivers are currently available in binary form for Ubuntu 8.04 and for Ubuntu 9.10

I heard there is no Linux display driver

Display drivers in Ubuntu are closed source, but provide very decent 2D and excellent hardware accelerated video.

Does Youtube play fine on fit-PC2?

Youtube plays smoothly in standard-definition on fit-PC2 in both Ubuntu, WinXP and Win7. High definition works to a degree with Windows 7 and flash player 10.1

Can I connect fit-PC2 to a VGA display?

This requires a DVI to VGA adapter like fit-VGA.

Is Wake-on-LAN supported?

Yes, in fit-PC2i. Starting from May 2010 fit-PC2i supports Wake-on-LAN.