FM-AT2/FM-AT3 LED behavior description

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  • This document applies to Airtop2/3 models configured with FM-AT2/FM-AT3 only.
  • It describes the LED diagnostics behavior.
   LED-R (RAM)
   This LED turns Green, the moment the memory initialization is successful. 
   This LED is Yellow while the memory initialization is in progress.
   If the memory initialization has failed, for example: There is no DIMM installed / the DIMM is not supported - the R LED will stay Yellow.
   The R-LED should stay Green at normal operation, also after BIOS POST is over.

   This LED is Yellow after display initialization.
   If BIOS setup menu is needed, the DEL button is functional from the moment the B-LED is Yellow.
   The B-LED is Green when the OS takes charge of the system.

   LED-H (HDMI display)
   This LED is Green only when the HDMI port of the internal graphics is connected to a monitor.

   LED-D (Display Port)
   This LED is Green only when one or both of the Display Ports of the internal graphics are connected to a monitor.