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  • Type: Wide FACET Card
  • Features:
    • 802.3af/802.3at compliant PoE device port with Gbit Ethernet (Intel i211)
    • M.2 E-Key socket (usually used for Wi-Fi)
    • M.2 M-Key socket 2260 | 2280 for SATA SSD

FC-POED allows powering fitlet2 from a POE source while providing a 3rd Gbit Ethernet port.
Fc-poed-top-front.jpg Fc-poed-bottom-front.jpg


  • provided M.2 sockets: M.2 Key-M: 2242/2260/2280 (for SATA SSD)
  • M.2 Key-E: 2230 (usually used for WiFi & BT module)
  • Ethernet controllers: Intel I211IS GbE Controller, SKU: SerDes (10/100/1000 Mbps)
    • PCIe interface: PCIe v2.1 (2.5 GT/s) x1
    • Platform Power Efficiency: IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
    • Proxy: ECMA-393 and Windows logo for proxy offload
    • Jumbo frames
    • Interrupt moderation, VLAN support, IP checksum offload
    • RSS and MSI-X to lower CPU utilization in multi-core systems
    • Advanced cable diagnostics, auto MDI-X
    • ECC – error correcting memory in packet buffers
    • Four Software Definable Pins (SDPs)
    • Right (DS1) green LED: ON - Link, Blink - Link and activity
    • Left (DS2) green LED: ON - 100 Mbps link
    • Left (DS2) orange LED: ON - 1000 Mbps link.
    • IEEE 802.3 at PD Solution Interface controller supported includes Detection Hardware Classification
  • Inrush current limit (200-mA) during startup
  • Enhanced features includes automatic Maintain Power Signature (MPS)


Production files

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