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How to control fitlet2 front LEDs in Linux?

See Application note - fitlet2 controlling front LEDs on Linux

How do you I configure my cellular modem on Linux?

How do you I install my cellular modem on Windows?

I can see an additional COM port in the device manager, where is it physically?

  • fitlet2 comes with a single RS232 ultra-mini com port (COM1)
  • There is another COM ports inside the chassis (COM2) for the use of developing additional FACET cards.
  • The additional COM port is not accessible externally

What is the DC input voltage tolerance for the fitlet2?

The fitlet2 model can work at a wide DC input voltage range of 9V-20V.
This range can also be extended to 9V-36V if the model is configured with the P36 option.

What is the fitlet2's RTC backup battery accuracy?

  • RTC accuracy – less than 1 sec per day

How can I get S/PDIF to work on my fitlet2?

  • The fitlet2 3.5 Audio jack has a 4th pin that outputs digital audio.
  • In order for this to work, there's a need for a 4-pole 3.5mm to RCA cable.
  • This cable is sold in the set of cables package for the fitlet2 - fitlet2 set of cables
  • The fitlet2's 3.5mm audio connector's pinout (expand to see):
*** fitlet2 Audio input/output connector pinout -
Audio-output Audio-input
Fitlet2 audio output connector pinout.png Fitlet2 audio input connector pinout.png

What is the maximum power a fitlet2 can provide via the USB ports?

  • The 2x USB3 ports at the front panel share a maximum of 3A power output, together.
  • The 2x USB2 ports at the back panel share a maximum of 1A power output, together as well.

Compatibility of SimCom Modem in different countries.

Compatibility of SimCom Modem in different countries


Does fitlet2 supports Virtualization?

  • Yes, the Apollo Lake SoC has built-in Intel-VT.
  • This configuration is disabled by default, in order to enable, please perform the following steps:
1. Enter BIOS menu by hitting [ESC] on startup
2. Navigate to --> [Advanced] --> [CPU configuration] --> [VT-d]
3. Set [VT-D] to [Enabled]
4. Press [F4] and accept to Save&exit.

How do I Enable PXE boot?

  • Enter BIOS menu by pressing "ESC" on startup
  • Navigate to Advanced --> Network Stack Configuration
  • Set Network stack to [Enabled]
  • Configure boot option #1 to [Network] at Boot tab
  • Save changes and exit by pressing [F4] and accepting.

How Do I Enable Wake-On-Lan (WOL)?

  • Enter BIOS menu by hitting [ESC] on startup
  • Navigate to:
Chipset Tab 
--> South Cluster Configuration 
   --> Miscellaneous Configuration
       * Wake on Lan should be there [Disabled] by default
  • Enable Wake on Lan and Save&Exit by pressing [F4]

FreeBSD is not working, what can I do?

There are necessary configuration changes that should be made in order to have FreeBSD work on fitlet2.
Press [Del] during boot to enter BIOS settings and set the following to:

  Chipset -> South Cluster Configuration -> SCC Configuration -> SCC SD Card Support [Disabled]
  Chipset -> South Cluster Configuration -> SCC Configuration -> SCC eMMC Support [Disabled]
  Chipset -> South Cluster Configuration -> SCC Configuration -> SCC SDIO Support [Disabled]

How to identify the COM port on Linux ?

Please refer to the link- Linux Mint: Serial port on fitlet2

fitlet2 BIOS Legacy boot doesn't work, how to enable?

Legacy support is disabled by default in the BIOS menu.
To enable it, please, set the following BIOS menu settings:

1. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> CSM Support : [Enabled]
2. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Boot option filter : [Legacy only]
3. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Network : [Legacy]
4. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Storage : [Legacy]
5. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Video : [Legacy]
6. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Other PCI devices : [Legacy]
7. Boot -> Boot Mode Selection : [Legacy]
8. Press the F4 key to Save & Exit

Linux mint audio codecs do not load properly

  • The BIOS configuration called "OS selection" at the main menu reflects on how the system loads the audio codecs.
  • Changing the OS selection may result with strange sound card behavior, even when returning manually to previously selected option.
  • Restoring the machine to its default values may fix this issue:
  1. Press [Del] during boot to enter BIOS setting
  2. Press F3 (Optimized Defaults) In the BIOS setting
  3. Keep the OS selection to Windows - Do not change.
    1. Note: For Mint Box mini 2 machines, the default is set to "Linux" - Do not change.
  4. Press F4 (Save & Exit).
  • At this point the machine should turn on with BIOS set to defaults and OS selection should be set to "Windows".
  • This configuration can be kept for both Linux and Windows.

On fitlet2 with Windows 10 installed, file UKlog.dat can ‘eat’ all free disk space after video driver update

Description: After updating the Windows, and in particular Intel Video drivers, customer can find a file called UKLog.dat created in the root of disc C:\. This file grows quickly so in a few hours the whole disk can be full

Reason: Issue caused by a particular Intel Video driver versions (,, are confirmed)

Solution: Download and install the latest video driver from our Wiki Site (ver. fitlet 2 Intel Video Drivers for Windows 10