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*Enter BIOS menu by hitting [ESC] on startup
*Enter BIOS menu by hitting [ESC] on startup
Navigate to:
*Navigate to:
  Chipset Tab  
  Chipset Tab  
  --> South Cluster Configuration  
  --> South Cluster Configuration  

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How to control fitlet2 front LEDs?

For Linux

fitlet2 has 2 LEDs, LED1 and LED2. Each of them has GREEN and YELLOW parts that can be controlled separately.

In Linux kernel there are 4 related GPIOs: GPIO435, GPIO436, GPIO437, GPIO438.

  • GPIO435 - LED1 GREEN
  • GPIO437 - LED2 GREEN

To control the GPIOs need to login as root (root password required):

$ su

To control for example LED1 GREEN part:

$ echo 435 > /sys/class/gpio/export
$ echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio435/direction
$ echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio435/value
# LED1 should be GREEN now
$ echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio435/value
# LED1 should be OFF now
$ echo 435 > /sys/class/gpio/unexport

The GPIO framework and GPIO sysfs interface are documented in https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/gpio/gpio.txt

How do you I configure my cellular modem on Linux?

For Windows


I can see an additional COM port in the device manager, where is it physically?

  • fitlet2 comes with a single RS232 ultra-mini com port (COM1)
  • There is another COM ports inside the chassis (COM2) for the use of developing additional FACET cards.
  • The additional COM port is not accessible externally

What is the DC input voltage tolerance for the fitlet2?

The fitlet2 model can work at a wide DC input voltage range of 9V-20V.
This range can also be extended to 9V-36V if the model is configured with the P36 option.

What is the fitlet2's RTC backup battery accuracy?

  • RTC accuracy – less than 1 sec per day

How can I get S/PDIF to work on my fitlet2?

The fitlet2 3.5 Audio jack has a 4th pin that outputs digital audio.
In order for this to work, there's a need for a 4-pole 3.5mm to RCA cable.
This cable is sold in the set of cables package for the fitlet2 - fitlet2 set of cables


How Do I Enable Wake-On-Lan (WOL)?

  • Enter BIOS menu by hitting [ESC] on startup
  • Navigate to:
Chipset Tab 
--> South Cluster Configuration 
   --> Miscellaneous Configuration
       * Wake on Lan should be there Disabled by default

FreeBSD is not working, what can I do?

There are necessary configuration changes that should be made in order to have FreeBSD work on fitlet2.
Press [Del] during boot to enter BIOS settings:

   Set Chipset -> OS Selection to [Intel Linux]
   Set Chipset -> SCC Configuration -> SCC SD Card Support (D27: F0) to [Disable]
   Set Chipset -> SCC Configuration -> SCC eMMC Support (D28: F0) to [Disable]
   Set Chipset -> SCC Configuration -> SCC UFS Support (D29: F0) to [Disable]
   Set Chipset -> SCC Configuration -> SCC SDIO Support (D30: F0) to [Disable]

How to identify the COM port on Linux ?

Please refer to the link- Linux Mint: Serial port on fitlet2

fitlet2 BIOS Legacy boot doesn't work, how to enable?

Legacy support is disabled by default in the BIOS menu.
To enable it, please, set the following BIOS menu settings:

1. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> CSM Support : [Enabled]
2. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Boot option filter : [Legacy only]
3. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Network : [Legacy]
4. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Storage : [Legacy]
5. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Video : [Legacy]
6. Advanced -> CSM Configuration -> Other PCI devices : [Legacy]
7. Boot -> Boot Mode Selection : [Legacy]
8. Press the F4 key to Save & Exit