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Which power supplies can power the fit-PC4?

fit-PC4 bundle comes with external AC/DC wall power supply, providing unregulated 10–15Vdc input voltage range, 12Vdc nominal, 36W output power for Value version and 60W output power for the Pro version. However, any power supply able to supply ~36W/60W from 12Vdc source will be fine.

What are power capabilities of fit-PC4 USB ports?

USB ports VBUS (5V) pair supplied via onboard power switch with current limit set to 2.1A, which means either each USB port capable sourcing up to 1.05A in case two bus powered devices are connected, or sourcing 2.1A in case single bus powered device is connected.

GPIO drive capabilities

GPIO drive strength value is configured via GPIO control registers and have 4 possible configurations: 4mA, 8mA, 12mA, 16mA