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Change computer Auto-on settings

Auto-on is an important feature of any industrial computer, which provides the automated mechanism to restart the computer after power failure has occurred. However not all customers really need the computer to restart automatically in such cases.
fit-PC3 BIOS can be configured to determine computer behavior after power failure has occurred: AMD -> Chipset Settings -> AC Loss Control Settings

  • Power On: Computer will turn-on automatically once the power is returned
  • Stay Off: Computer will remain off when the power is returned
  • Last State: Computer will keep it last state once the power is returned (will remain off if was in shut-down during the power loss, will auto-on if was on before the power failure)

Pigtail unterminated DC cable

Pigtail DC cable - unterminated on one end and on the other uses standard 5.5mm x 2.5mm barrel plug with mechanical twist-lock.
Can be used with IPC2, Intense PC, fit-PC4/3 and fitlet computers.



Call for one-time boot selection menu

Phoenix BIOS offers one-time boot selection menu by pressing F5 during boot. To make it work user has to make sure Windows Boot Manager is not blocking its operation - it depends if OS installed in Legacy or UEFI mode.

OS in Legacy mode:
1. On computer start clicking F5 will bring you into one-time boot selection menu

OS in UEFI mode:
1. Configure Windows Boot Manager to be the last boot order option

a. Enter BIOS menu:
i. If Windows 8 or Windows 10 enter the BIOS from the OS:
1. Do steps b, c, d below
ii. If Windows 7:
1. Remove the HDD/SSD storage
2. Boot the computer without it
3. Once shell appears type exit
4. You are in the menu. Click Tab and enter Setup
5. Do steps b, c, d below
6. Install the HDD/SSD
b. Go to boot order
c. Change Windows Boot Manager to be the last in sequence
d. Save and Exit

2. On computer start Clicking F5 will bring you into one-time boot selection menu