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General Questions

What does fit-PC stands for?

Fit-PC is a product line name of miniature industrial fanless computers designed by CompuLab. Among popular fit-PC products can be found: IPC2, Intense PC, fitlet, fit-PC4, fit-PC3/3i, fit-PC2/2i.

Where fit-PC products can be used?

fit-PC product line systems are regular x86 PCs based on Intel and AMD mobile range platforms and designed for fanless and silent operation. Rugged mechanical design, rich connectivity and flexibility allows operation at any industrial application, but not only. Our products can be found in military, aerospace, marine, networking, medical, digital signage, kiosks and home environments.

Can I configure my own computer?

Yes, we offer wide range of off-the-shelf models per product, and in addition provide the option to configure customized system. Use our ordering information guide on the wiki to define your own machine: Ordering Information Guide

How/where to buy?

We offer several distribution channels to purchase our products:

  • Direct channel by contacting CompuLab (Israel and US) via fit-PC website.
  • Local distributors and resellers: Resellers
  • Amazon US, Canada, Germany, UK: Amazon

What is the difference between SBC and Enclosed products?

Enclosed products are complete close-chassis computers ready for use from time-zero. SBC (Single Board Computer) is an open-chassis system and the main building block of an enclosed product. SBCs are operational as stand-alone but may require thermal solution and heat sinking for better performance.

  • SBC product kit doesn't include power supply and other accessory cables supplied with enclosed product kit, and should be ordered separately.

What is the expected lifespan for Compulab products?

Generally, our products are offered for 7 years or more. We may have to switch the CPU without breaking SW compatibility in case the CPU goes EOL sooner.

General hardware questions

Are fit-PCs totally silent?

fit-PC is nearly silent. It is far more quiet than any computer that has fans. In some cases there might be some faint noise from the following sources

  • Mechanical hard disk (irregular faint clicking / constant humming)
  • Coil whine from power-supply / motherboard / SSD which is typical to high power switching electronics (faint irregular buzzing / humming)

Most users do not hear fit-PC at all.


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