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FM-XTDEU2/4 (FM-1LAN) Module

FM-XTDEU2/4 FACE Module provide single GbE LAN port via RJ-45 connector, four additional USB2.0 downstream ports and two optional mini PCI Express slots (half size form factor).
Refer to Compatibility Matrix for products fit.


  • 1x GbE LAN 10/100/1000BASE-T compliant with IEEE 802.3/u/ab
  • 4x USB2.0 downstream ports, up to 480Mbps half-duplex
  • 2x mini PCIe slots supporting half size mini PCI Express modules featuring PCIe gen2 data rates (up to 5Gbps full duplex).


Block Diagram

FM-XTDEU2 4.png

Hardware Specifications

The following section provides information about FM-XTDEU2/4 main components and features.

Realtek RTL8111F GbE Controller The Realtek RTL8111F Gigabit Ethernet controller combines a triple-speed IEEE 802.3 compliant Media Access Controller (MAC) with a triple-speed Ethernet transceiver, PCI Express bus controller, and embedded memory. With state-of-the-art DSP technology and mixed-mode signal technology, the RTL8111F offers high-speed transmission over CAT 5 UTP cable. The RTL8111F supports PCI Express 1.1 bus interface for host communications with power management, and is compliant with the IEEE 802.3u specification for 10/100Mbps Ethernet and the IEEE 802.3ab specification for 1000Mbps Ethernet. It also supports an auxiliary power auto-detect function, and will auto-configure related bits of the PCI power management registers in PCI configuration space. The RTL8111F features embedded One-Time-Programmable (OTP) memory to replace the external EEPROM. Advanced Configuration Power management Interface (ACPI) – power management for modern operating systems that are capable of Operating System-directed Power Management (OSPM) – is supported to achieve the most efficient power management possible. In addition to the ACPI feature, remote Wake on LAN is supported in both ACPI and APM (Advanced Power Management) environments. The RTL8111F is suitable for multiple market segments and emerging applications, such as desktop, mobile, workstation, server, communications platforms and embedded applications.

Main Features

  • Integrated 10/100/1000 transceiver
  • Auto-Negotiation with Next Page capability
  • Supports PCI Express 1.1
  • Supports pair swap/polarity/skew correction
  • Crossover Detection & Auto-Correction
  • Wake-on-LAN and remote wake-up support
  • Supports Full Duplex flow control (IEEE 802.3x)
  • Supports jumbo frame to 9K bytes
  • Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab
  • Supports IEEE 802.1P Layer 2 Priority Encoding
  • Supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging
  • Supports IEEE 802.3az-2010 (EEE)
  • Embedded OTP memory can replace the external EEPROM
  • Supports power down/link down power saving/PHY disable mode
  • Built-in switching regulator
  • Supports Customized LEDs
  • Supports 1-Lane 2.5Gbps PCI Express Bus
  • Supports hardware ECC (Error Correction Code) function
  • Supports hardware CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) function
  • 48-pin QFN ‘Green’ package

IDT ICS9DB102 1-to-2 Differential Clock Driver IDT ICS9DB102 is two output clock buffer for PCIe Gen1 & Gen2 with HCSL current mode differential outputs. Device zero-delay buffer supports PCI Express clocking requirements. The ICS9DB102 is driven by a differential compliant input clock. It attenuates jitter on the input clock and has a selectable PLL Band Width to maximize performance in systems with or without Spread-Spectrum clocking.





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