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* BIOS version: 0.45.03
* BIOS version: 0.45.03
* Download:
* Download:
** [http://fit-iot.com/files/download/airtop22/bios/release/atop2_bios.zip ATOP2.PRD.0.45.03] <br> MD5: 87050c6b98ccf63a4002f79ae6a84d72
** [http://fit-iot.com/files/download/airtop2/bios/release/atop2_bios.zip ATOP2.PRD.0.45.03] <br> MD5: 87050c6b98ccf63a4002f79ae6a84d72

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For updating BIOS see fitlet2 BIOS update

* BIOS update recommended in case the system is unstable, or required fixes have been released. * Incorrect BIOS update has a risk for system brick, therefore follow the guide step-by-step.


  • BIOS version: 0.45.03
  • Download: