4K monitors are not recognized by SuSe Linux Enterprise with discrete graphics card.

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Symptom: 4K monitors are not recognized by SuSE Linux Enterprise with discrete graphics card.

Possible reason: SuSE ecosystem disabled

If you decide to not register the system at SuSE ecosystem you can continue to install the operating system, but you remain unable to receive any kind of updates for your system. In general you stay stuck on a pretty outdated standing in terms of drivers, and kernel near modules, which will lead into this strange misbehavior, like mentioned in the topic.


  • Register the system during SuSE setup at SuSE ecosystem, to enable the device to receive very important updates and patches.

Having the system patched to the latest releases of SuSE 15 SP2 will make the displays work as expected out of the box. Once you decide to register your system at SuSE ecosystem even with a valid, free of charge 60 day trial-license, it will wipe out all the problems immediately, because within the period of the trial license you are allowed to download security and quality fixes for SLED 15 which are definitely required on the Airtop Workstation.