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SBC-iHSW is an open chassis single board computer based on Intel 4th generation (Haswell ULT) Mobile Intel® Core™ 64-bit dual core processor family, features Intel HD graphics engine and rich connectivity options. SBC-iHSW stands in the core of IPC2 enclosed system and as its main component. System connectivity can be easily expanded by adding FACE Modules board. SBC-iHSW capable to drive 3 independent displays with up to 4K resolution, simultaneously (triple-head). Runs Windows 7/8/10 and Linux operating systems.

SBC open chassis systems oriented mainly business customers such as system integrators and companies developing their own products, who want to minimize time spent on complicated controller boards development and accelerate time-to-market with an already designed general purpose controller systems, ready for any task.

SBC-iHSW-BOT 500x424.jpg
SBC-iHSW-TOP 500x413.jpg


Block Diagram (Haswell)
Block Diagram (Broadwell)





Front/Back Panel View

IPC2 ports diagram 700x539.png