IPC3 Errata Notes

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IPC3ERR001: Intel AMT does not function in S3/S5

  • Date: 24-Dec-19
  • Symptom: Intel AMT does not function when IPC3 is in S3/S5.
  • Applies to: IPC3-C7600 with SN smaller than 1191223-xxxxx
  • Cause: In IPC3 SBC, i219 Ethernet PHY is not powered in S3/S5
  • Workaround: Do not allow IPC3 to be in S3/S5 (keep it always on. In case of power interruption IPC3 is rebooted automatically by auto-on)
  • Fix: Fixed for SN 1191223-xxxxx and later. Older IPC3 units have to be reworked at Compulab in order to enable AMT in S3/S5