IntensePC: Installing Android-x86 4.4 RC1

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Download Android-x68 ready-to-run image

Prepare boot media on Linux

  • Connect the storage device to the Linux PC
  • Open Terminal window
  • Run this command to figure out what device name was assigned to your storage device:
$ ls -all /dev/disk/by-id/
  • Assuming your storage device was detected as /dev/sdb, write the image on it:
$ gzip -dc android-x86-4.4-rc1.8GB.dd.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdb bs=1MB
  • Notes:
    • The process takes about 10 minutes depending on your system and storage drive.
    • The process doesn't show progress bar, so be patient and do not interrupt it.

Welcome to Android-x86 4.4

  • Connect the storage device to the Intense PC and boot
  • On first boot choose language, Google account, wireless setting, etc.