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fit-PC2i HW Revision Notes

Revision 1.31

  • Rev 1.31
    • Release date: 01/11/2014
    • Starting serial number (SN): TBD
  • Added support to new version of 4GB PATA NAND

Revision 1.3

  • Rev 1.3
    • Release date: 01/05/2013
    • Starting serial number (SN): 130521-0001
  • Ethernet controllers upgraded to Realtek RTL8111F
  • Added support for NAND Flash drive:
    • Integrated NAND Controller and MLC NAND Flash (1GB or 4GB) in MCP
  • Features micro SD slot instead of mini SD slot
  • Added 2 pin connector for external CMOS battery
  • Improvements in auto-on circuit
  • Added low voltage protection circuit
  • USB6 routed exclusively to miniPCIe
  • USB5 routed exclusively to P38
  • Removed mechanical holes in P31
  • Added TPM provision

Revision 1.2

  • Rev 1.2
    • Release date: 01/05/2010
    • Starting serial number (SN): 100521-xxx
  • Audio codec changed to Realtek ALC662
  • Support for bootable SDHC
  • RS232 full-UART serial port
  • Support for Wake-on-LAN

Revision 1.1

  • Available since Feb-2010
  • First revision of fit-PC2i

Power supply temperature ratings differs from system ratings, mainly due to material used, 
and limited to the following:
* Operating: 0°C – 40°C
* Storage: -10°C – 70°C 
Customers have the ability to power the computers from another source.